When Chicago Public Schools students head back to their schools next month, any school with kids in the 5th grade and up will offer birth control. https://t.co/DNXYsD2MM0— Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) July 6, 2021

I get it. With a skyrocketing murder rate, maybe they figure if there’s just less people the murder rate will go down. Or they’re just a bunch of crazed ideologues with no fear of the public at all.

Think about this. If a random stranger came up to your child and handed them a condom you’d either

a) beat the crap out of them.

b) call the police.

or c) Beat the crap out of them and call the police.

But for some reasons when it’s your public school people just shrug. People! Stop shrugging. Vote in your local elections. Normal people need to take control of the country once again.

These kids’ classroom should have Legos, abacuses, and books. Not condoms.

Maybe when we took prayer out of school, condoms were an inevitability.