An attorney for fired Washington State coach Nick Rolovich has written the school a 34-page appeal of the coach’s dismissal for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. One of the main reasons given for his refusal to take the vaccine is because he’s a Catholic and the vaccines are derived from fetal tissue from abortions.


The letter gives a little more insight into Rolovich’s reasoning for declining a COVID-19 vaccine. Rolovich, a Catholic, had repeatedly refused to explain why he was against getting the vaccine while he was employed and, through his attorney, cited his faith as a reason for not getting the vaccine after he was fired.

On page 3, the letter states that Rolovich has a “religious opposition to medical research based on aborted fetal tissue.” Like many other vaccines and pharmaceuticals widely available in the United States, the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccines were derived from cell lines descended from cells taken from abortions decades ago and do not contain any fetal tissue.

The institutional Church’s strong reluctance to provide religious objections has certainly hurt the efforts of many faithful Catholics to procure a religious exemption.

Many Catholics feel very abandoned by the Church. And they should.

There is a new vaccine that just got approval from The Who that is reportedly made without aborted cell lines. Now, if the US government were actually interested in vaccinating everyone rather than lining Big Pharma’s pockets you’d expect Covaxin to be fast-tracked. But I’d bet it won’t be. This is about greed and power. Big Pharma makes billions and politicians increase their power. Oh, you thought this was about public health?

Let’s see how long it takes for Covaxin to get approval, shall we?