I toured some college campuses with my son this week.

Liberty University is amazing. Committed to their Christian identity and gorgeous campus. Cheaper than most. My son isn’t going there but we toured it. The tour guide there told me a story about how her professor asked a boy and a girl in his class if they thought the other was cute. They both said yes and he gave the male student twenty dollars to ask out the girl on a date. The tour guide said that couple is getting married shortly after graduating.

A great story, right?

I joked that on most college campuses that professor would be cancelled, banned, and possibly jailed. But I get why the professor did this. Young people just don’t date anymore. It’s a little weird. They just hang and talk online and then hook up or not. There’s no dating.

Young people don’t date. Nowhere is it more obvious that the art of dating is lost than those Project Veritas dates. The undercover journalist pretends to go on a date with someone from Big Pharma, the media, or some government job.

Listen, if your date is almost exclusively interested in talking about politics and your job. Yeah that’s a red flag. I’m an author. My wife hasn’t read my books.

If your date is talking politics and your job, get up and run. I haven’t had a political conversation with my wife in years. That’s not what normal people talk about.

And if you do talk about work you talk about how Dave keeps drinking all the yoo-hoos from the refrigerator break room or Ron doesn’t clean the microwave after making soup. You don’t answer questions about the experimental to secret research going on in the lab or the secret thing you’re doing at work to undermine others.

I think there is something missing if we’re not dating. Guys should have to get the guts up to ask a girl on a date. They should plan something. Because how he asks and what he plans says something about him.

I was speaking to my son about dating and my wife suggested something which I audibled out of. She asked if I thought I knew more about dating than she did.

I reminded her that I’m obviously better at dating than she was because she ended up with me and I got her. Clearly I’m the better dater.