Wait. What?

A billion-dollar company called Colossal Biosciences claims it’s getting pretty darn close to reviving the dodo, a flightless bird that has been extinct since the 17th century.

The company claims to have decrypted the dodo’s entire genome.


Why the Dodo? Seriously?

I’d like to bring back something cool like the saber tooth tiger. I mean most of your upper tier Russian oligarchs or Eastern European mobsters have the cliched tiger on a leash. But imagine showing up to the mob meeting with a saber tooth tiger. That’s like the nuke of the mob world.

So I guess my only hope is that the Dodo bird tastes really awesome. Hey, maybe it went extinct centuries ago because it’s super scrumptious. Maybe?

Could be within five years we’ll be cruising through the drive-thru for a McDodo and some fries. #sciencetastesawesome