VATICAN CITY – A man leaped over a barricade during Pope Benedict’s weekly audience on Wednesday and tried to jump on to his moving, open-topped popemobile but was stopped by guards. The man took the Pope’s bodyguards by surprise and managed to get to within about a meter of the Pope.

It’s clear to anyone with a brain that this person was a liberal theologian intent on stopping the Motu Proprio. They’ll stop at nothing! Next, look for Jesuits sneaking into the Vatican at night through windows left open by French Cardinals.

Update: It was a liberal theologian.

“The young man’s intention was not to make an attempt on the life of the pope, but to carry out a demonstrative act to attract attention to himself,” Father Lombardi said.

Because the young man was “showing clear signs of mental imbalance, psychiatric doctors from the Vatican health service were called, and they arranged hospitalization for obligatory treatment in a protected, specialized health facility,” the spokesman said.

Well, there you go. Clear signs of mental imbalance with a desire to attract attention. Definitely a liberal theologian.