Remember a few days ago the death of the pro-life movement was announced by the Washington Post because money had been all but pouring into abortion rights organizations since the recent Supreme Court decision to ban partial birth abortion.

The pro-life movement was over as it was finally coming up against the big guns of the pro-choice movement which hadn’t taken us seriously before. But we were led to believe that now money was being left at their doorsteps. (They don’t leave babies at doorsteps, just money.)

That “fact” in the Post story was based on a quote from an abortion activist. However, the real facts (meaning the ones not made up by reporters) say something different. In fact, leading abortion advocacy group Emily’s List, the largest political action committee in the United States, is reporting fundraising problems.

The group raised $46 million for candidates in 2006 but during the first four months of the year it raised a total of $285,000 for four campaigns. During the same time period in 2005, also a non-election year, Emily’s List took in $510,000 for three campaigns.

So I’ll look in the corrections box of the Post and look for them to right their error. I’ll look today, tomorrow, the next day, and the next day and…