An atheist is suing a school district in Texas and its Governor for allowing a moment of silence in his children’s elementary school class. This guy believes that those seconds of silence are unconstitutional and imply state sanctioned school prayer.

This guy has established he has quite a problem with religion of any sort and spends a lot of his time policing the elementary school his children attend. In the past he has demanded the school board quit allowing the Boy Scouts to hold recruiting rallies during school, he complained because a teacher wore an Abilene Christian University shirt, and was irate over a flier sent home announcing a bible study held on school grounds after hours. He also spoke out against his children learning the song “Silent Night” and pulled his kids from the holiday program.

You want to know why the guy keeps going? The school district keeps backing down as the Boy Scout rallies have been cancelled, “Bible Study” fliers have stopped coming home, and the songs for the holiday program have been altered or removed. Maybe if the school district would grow a spine this guy would go away.

But anyway, the Moment of Silence Bill states that the children have a choice as to how to spend those 60 seconds, they can “reflect, pray, meditate or engage in any other silent activity.” But Mr. Croft states, “To have millions of public school children waste a minute of education each day for a practice that has no secular purpose seems to me like a great sin.”

That’s priceless. A sin? Against Whom?

I’m sure the school will ensure wall to wall sound every second of the day from now on so no child can have a moment to think about God.