In an interivew I read with British actress Emily Mortimer, she says that in ‘’Pink Panther 2’’ Steve Martin will be in his element. “He’s really hit his stride with this one, I think. I feel like just the pleasure he gets out of this part is so palpable and there were moments of just complete genius, I think, on the set with Steve. He plays the Pope at one point and dresses up as the Pope and it’s just the most shockingly sacrilegious kind of moment, and there are loads of them. There are loads of set pieces in this one with Steve just being more brilliant than ever and it was a pleasure to watch him do it. “

Yeah. I can’t wait. I mean, who would’ve thought to make fun of the pope. I mean nobody makes fun of Catholics, right? That’s just genius.

And just a word to the wise: If Steve Martin continues making Pink Panther movies he’ll start being the punchline.