I’ve read it in numerous places and heard from many friends in politics. “Let’s keep Hillary alive.” Some are even urging Republicans to vote for Hillary in the Democratic primary.

A lot of Republicans are hoping Hillary pulls off an upset in Texas and Ohio in order to let the two pro-choice Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary beat the tar out of each other and spend millions of dollars on consultants paid to figure out new ways to beat the tar out of each other.

To me, this hope seems to similar to the instinct that villains have in comic books and movies when they ensnare the hero in a trap and instead of just putting an end to him they monologue on why this plot has been the best plot ever and why the hero never stood a chance. And then they break for lunch or wherever it is that villains go when the hero is dangling on a line one foot above the shark pool wearing a meat suit.

Look, Hillary has been the number one subject of our political nightmares for years and now Republicans want to put her campaign on artificial life support?

No. Not this guy. I’ve read enough comic books and seen enough bad movies to know that if Hillary’s in the meat suit there’s only one thing we should be doing…and it ain’t monologuing or setting further traps. Cut the line.