Hillary survives another day. Be wary, be very wary.

After suffering defeat after defeat in the primaries, Hillary the original presumed nominee faltered, written off by just about everybody. But are the Democrat faithful experiencing a bad case of buyers remorse?

While Hillary has not done much to alter her delegate deficit, with apparent wins in Ohio and Texas, Hillary has done what she needed to do. In my mind, she is now more dangerous than ever. Imagine this scenario. After suffering many defeats, Hillary begins to win again. The story will be that the Democrat base is having second thoughts about Obama. Then the story may shift to how Hillary is the new come back kid. Even if she does not make up much of the delegate deficit, and the math is not on her side, with enough momentum the math may not matter. Hillary only needed a justification for keeping her fight alive to the convention. Now she has it. She will do anything, anything, to take the nomination.

I would not be surprised if Obama starts to hear some tougher questions. I would also not be surprised by a growing number of stories referring to the unsinkable Hillary Clinton. The new comeback kid. You just can’t defeat the Clintons.

In fact, resurrected Hillary is already speaking of the possibility of a joint ticket. Trust me when I tell you that she does not want to be V.P.

Remember that monsters such as Hillary are much more dangerous when they come back from the dead. Zombies are always harder to kill.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.