It’s a drawing of a cross and then a reference to “John 3:16 a sign of love.”

A Wisconsin High School senior submitted the artwork and was graded with a zero. Other students submitted demonic images and that was okay. The art teacher said the Christian depiction was out of bounds, says Fox News.

The teacher told the child that the Scripture reference made some students uncomfortable therefore he had to remove it. He refused.

And now, of course, the student is filing a lawsuit. Now normally I’m pretty much against filing lawsuits. But I’ve come to realize that the ACLU and their minions have achieved most of their advances, not through legislation, but through lawsuits.

I think it’s time we push back in the courts.

“We hear so much today about tolerance,” said David Cortman, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal advocacy group representing the student. “But where is the tolerance for religious beliefs? The whole purpose of art is to reflect your own personal experience. To tell a student his religious beliefs can legally be censored sends the wrong message.”

Millin showed the student a policy for the class that prohibited any violence, blood, sexual connotations or religious beliefs in artwork.

Do you see what religion is mixed in with. Violence, blood, and religion.

The lawsuit claims Millin told the boy he had signed away his constitutional rights when he signed the policy at the beginning of the semester.
The teacher stated that the cross in the drawing also infringed on other students’ rights.

What rights? last I saw the right to free speech was pretty big in the Constitution. The right to not be offended must be one of those top secret rights like the right to abort your child up until the moment of delivery.

Oh and just for good measure, A Buddha and Hindu figurines are on display in a social studies classroom, a picture of a six-limbed Hindu deity is in the school’s hallway and a drawing of a robed sorcerer hangs on a hallway bulletin board.

Drawings of Medusa, the Grim Reaper with a scythe, and some kind of entity with a horned head and protruding tongue hang in the art room and demonic masks are displayed in the metals room, the lawsuit alleges.

But Christ, violence and blood are bad.

So this thing is going to be fought out in court. You know what I wish. I wish God would put these people on trial, hold court and judge them Himself. Oh wait…OK.