The Paschal Mystery Machine is owned by the Diocese of Green Bay Wisconsin. Seminarian, Quinn Mann often showcases this vehicle on camping expeditions with a group called Catholic Youth Expeditions. He and his group use this unique vehicle to help promote the Gospel as well as evangelize the Catholic faith. Quinn is a third year Theologian studying for the Priesthood for the diocese of Green Bay Wisconsin.

Notice the “Jesus Fish” on the grill and the “Monstrance” hood ornament as well as a Holy Water font inside.

I honestly don’t know if it frightens me more than makes me laugh. And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t send my kids anywhere in it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that it’s out there but I’m glad it’s many many states away. For some reason it just freaks me out and if confronted with it I’d be saying, “Like Zoinks, let’s get out of here.” And then I’d run in place for a few seconds before taking off like a shot out of a cannon (while hearing lovely British invasion music in the background).

Just one more thought. Imagine how different the papal visit would’ve been if Pope Benedict would’ve cruised the eastern seaboard in this bad boy. I’m thinking not as positive but a hit with the 18-34 crowd.

H/T McGivney’s Hands