In light of yesterday’s ruling by California’s Supreme Court which declared same-sex marriage legal, a question occured to me. How come all these “rights” that liberal secularist judges miraculously “find” in the Constitution would doom us all.

Roe V. Wade was the first right that was made up…I mean “found” that was hoped to be “safe, legal and rare” giving it the distinction of being the first “right” that everybody supposedly hoped nobody would use.

Quick quiz: How many other rights have been called “a sad and tragic choice” by the very people who support it?

But now the right to gay marriage, which has been cleverly unearthed in the California Constitution by four judges, also would doom us all if not done rarely.

Man, these rights are killing us. Literally.

To put it more bluntly, if the “rights” of abortion and gay marriage were taken advantage of by everyone, humanity would be eradicated from the planet within 100 years:
1) If we all took advantage of the right of same sex marriages, pro-creation would be pretty darn rare.
2) If a baby did somehow occur by someone having a heterosexual adulterous affair (shame!) they could take advantage of one of their rights to abort the baby.

I mean, aren’t rights supposed to be universal? How about a new rule. If a “right” being universalized means the eradication of all humanity, perhaps we shouldn’t call it a “right” but instead, something to be avoided.

The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are all pretty nice things which actually help people and perpetuate our civilization. Even the right to bear arms is rooted in the wish for people to be able to protect themselves from being eradicated. But these judges are so brilliant they’ve found rights to destroy all those other things. Congratulations to them. I can’t wait to see what they’ll find next.