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Chris Wallace said “A Star is Born.” Nina Eason said “a homerun.” Wolf Blitzer said “A Star is Born.” Even the lunatic Keith Olberman admitted that somewhere somehow could like something like this.

Sarah Palin needed a home run and she delivered. I’m thrilled. More later…

And a note -that little girl is the cutest kid. And it was so great that her father trusted her to hold the baby.

UPdate: CNN this morning did a two minute story on how the Palin family passed the baby around from the Dad, to the 17 year old daughter, to Cindy McCain, and then to the little one. How messed up is that?

Also, CNN ran a scathing response to Palin’s speech from…Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem? She’s about as relevant as Abbe Hoffman. Where do they get the idea that she’s relevant to anyone?

Update Update: Palin was essentially the antithesis of Obama last night. Earthy. Compare the line of Palin’s about pit bulls, hockey Mom’s and lipstick to such high falutin’ rhetoric like “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” One makes people say that guy gives a good speech, the other makes you like the person. There’s a difference there. It may be very important.

Update Update Update: I’ve heard the media describe Bristol Palin’s fiance as “her baby’s Father” a few times. Two things. First, couldn’t they just say “fiance?” Secondly, hey, the media’s admitting that it’s a baby in Bristol Palin’s womb. That’s a step up isn’t it?

For really great in-depth analysis of last night visit The Anchoress. She’s really great on this.