Andrea Mitchell, the liberal talking head for NBC and MSNBC, had this priceless gem last night immediately after the debate. She said Palin did well and did what she needed to do to “stop the bleeding” for the campaign.

You’d think that was good, right? Nope.

Mitchell said Palin’s strong performance was actually bad news for McCain because it brought the attention back to the economy which is bad for him. Ha! These people are so far out on the limb its hilarious.

Update: One a personal note I was sitting there watching the debate. I was so pleased that Sarah Palin was doing well. After all she and her family have been through to have that kind of night was just great.

Update Update: Interesting note is that I think a lot of right-leaning folks were very interested in the debate tonight as both National Review and Newsbusters both crashed. This could potentially reinvigorate the base of the Republican Party.

Update Update Update: I was thinking about not posting this but did Joe Biden look…hmmm…a little weird tonight. Like he maybe had work done. I truly hesitate to say it but it jumped out at me and he just looked a little odd.

Update Update Update Update: Republican columnist Kathleen Parker infamously called on Palin to step down earlier in the week because of two poor interviews. Tonight, while admitting Palin won, Parker’s not being too gracious about it. Here’s what she wrote:

Well, darnit all, if that dadgum girl (wink, wink) didn’t beat the tarnation out of Joe Biden. Maverick Sarah Palin fersure surpassed expectations and said everything under the sun, also. And Biden smiled and smiled.

You see, that’s the key to it all. Parker is a D.C. person. She doesn’t get and obviously doesn’t like people who don’t speak like her. You see, “dadgum” is supposed to make you laugh because people who aren’t from the coasts are to be snickered at, not respected.

This reminds me, once again, that there are two Republican parties. The elites look down on the base. In fact, the base is looked down on by the left and the elite Republicans. I am pro-life. That is reason number one I’m a Republican. Laugh at me all you want. I’m still going to be pro-life.

Final Update: Everyone’s talking about Sarah Palin’s charming and disarming intro to Biden by saying, “Nice to meet you. Hey, can I call you Joe?” Was there a method to the charm? Is it possible that she asked that so she could get off her soundbyte: “Say it ain’t so, Joe.” Think about it. She knew she had a microphone on when she said it so we would all hear it and she would disqualify any sugestion of impropriety of her not calling him Senator when she said her soundbyte. Just a thought.