Madonna threatened to beat up Sarah Palin.
Sandra Bernhard said Palin should be gang raped.
Tina Fey is threatening to leave the planet if McCain/Palin win.
Matt Damon called Palin “absurd.”
Whoopi called her “dangerous.”

But ABC News is worried about remarks made by actor Robert Duvall that may have been over the edge in his criticism of Barack Obama at an appearance with Sarah Palin yesterday. Here’s the report from ABC:

The rhetoric was a departure from recent days, where Palin has toned down her criticism of Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama. Duvall used no such caution in his remarks, saying of Obama, “we gotta keep this guy out of the White House.”
Duvall then introduced Palin, who quickly thanked him “for that very kind introduction” before giving her standard stump speech to the crowd of 400 Republican donors.

Wow! Duvall said we have to stop Obama from being President. Shouldn’t the Secret Service pay Duvall a visit? This is the kind of rhetoric that clearly incites violence. Somebody please stop the violence from Duvall. He’s out of control!