had a column today calling a world leader “sick and evil” for “making nice with an anti-semitic Holocaust denier.” And they’re not talking about Barack Obama sending love letters to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. No. Of course they were talking about the Pope.

OK, Bill Donohue, just get the inevitable over with and call me anti-Catholic. Once again a pope has decided that enhancing the authority of the Vatican justifies turning a blind eye to vicious anti-Semitism, and I’m saying it’s one more example of a long-standing and unresolved problem within the Catholic Church. It is not merely discouraging or problematic that Pope Benedict XVI is making nice with a Holocaust denier, or mending fences with a splinter group of ultraconservative anti-Semites, it is sick and evil. No matter how often the church issues statements condemning anti-Semitism, or holds papal concerts to commemorate the Holocaust, or says no, the Jews didn’t kill Christ, the Vatican always seems caught off-guard and surprised that some people think it has a Jewish problem.

Of course, the writer throws everything at the wall including disproved myths about Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust. But in this case he’s talking about the comments of Bishop Richard Williamson who seems to be a holocaust denier. But it’s not like the Church has turned a blind eye to it. It took Williamson’s comments very seriously and Bishop Fellay essentially put a gag order on Williamson, prohibiting him from talking about politics and history. Essentially, they said “Stop the crazy talk.” But I guess that’s not enough for Salon.
Salon should be embarrassed by this piece. It is nothing short of hateful, anti-Catholic, and most of all misinformed.
Idiocy like this almost leaves no room for argumentation. Is the Church supposed to throw out anyone who has a kooky idea? Anyone who sins? We’d be a pretty small Church, wouldn’t we? But maybe that’s what Salon wants.