If you’re reading this you are The Resistance.

I’m planning a late night coup. Are you in? The object: To take over the press office at The Vatican. We move under cover of darkness, we tie up anyone even remotely affiliated with the press office, and duct tape them to their typewriters. Tonight, we start anew.

If there’s one thing bloggers know, it’s self promotion. The folks at the press office in the Vatican aren’t able to even promote “blissful eternity with God” effectively.

Seriously, what is wrong with the Vatican press folks? Who thought it would be a great idea to announce that Pope Benedict was never in the Hitler Youth…IN ISRAEL!!!!

If they wanted to get their story out there, this should’ve gone out months ago. Not when the Pope is in Israel.

The Vatican Press Office essentially put “Hitler Youth” in the lede of every news report. Not that the media needed any excuse to do it but this certainly doesn’t help as you can see from the Hitler Youth-O-Meter which has now tracked over 1,500 references to “Hitler Youth” in stories about the Pope’s trip to Israel.Did they not see the whole “Hitler Youth” angle coming beforehand? If not, they should be reading CMR.

OK. First we have to get over to Rome. Uhm. I’m a little short on funds right now…anyone got a plane?

We’re going to need a lot of pens, paper, fax paper (not the flimsy kind that gets all stuck in the fax), paper clips, and crayons (because I have to bring my kids because my wife is working late tonight). Oh, and we need walkie talkies so we can call each other cool code names.

I think we can write off all expenses because it’s like a donation to the Church. Kinda’.

Who’s with me?