Seriously, let’s not be so all grownup around here. Why don’t they make garanimals for all ages of children?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve dressed my children in what I thought were perfectly matching outfits only to have my wife come home and act as if I’d dressed them in a rugby helmet and a tu-tu.

So why are garanimals only for little ones?

I’m not saying there’s got to be zebras and tigers on everything we wear but maybe just on the tag so that I know bear goes with bear. Lion with lion. There’s got to be a market for this kind of thing? Stay at home Dads, colorblind women, etc…(I’m only saying etc. because I can’t think of any more groups of people who’d be interested.)

I wouldn’t even be opposed to Garanimals for adults. Why not? I can’t be fretting over whether plaid goes with khaki. I just look and say “Bear goes with bear” and my fashion worries are over.

So this is my open plea to garanimals. Please make way bigger sizes. It will help my marriage greatly and a lot less raised eyebrows.