Earlier this week the Pope essentially told everyone that they should read everything we write as we are going to determine the future. That’s right. By papal decree Patrick, me and DMac are the deciders as to what the future brings.

Oh yeah. There’s going to be some changes. That’s fo’ shaw! Hey! And we only started blogging less than two years ago.

In an interview reported by Ignatius Insight:

Q: Your Holiness, the Czech Republic is a very secularized country in which the Catholic Church is a minority. In this situation, how can the Church effectively contribute to the common good of the country?

A: I would say that normally it is the creative minorities that determine the future, and in this sense the Catholic Church must understand itself as a creative minority that has a heritage of values that are not things of the past, but a very living and relevant reality. The Church must actualize, be present in the public debate, in our struggle for a true concept of liberty and peace.

Oh yeah. This is me doing my touchdown dance. It’s a kind of Moonwalk thing with jazz hands going on.

I know this must bug other bloggers but hey the Pope has made his decision. The Curt Jester, obviously in a fit of jealousy, tweeted “How do I get the Pope to refer to my blog?” Oh my friend. Just because I’ve got PB16 on speed dial doesn’t mean I can hand out his digits. (Yeah, PB16. That’s what we call him here now that we’re all peeps and all)

I’m definitely getting a Popemobile. Now mine will have to be a little bigger than the Pope’s because it needs to fit five car seats. I’ll put it on my card and send to the Vatican for a reimbursement. I’m not sure if infallibility is given to us yet but we think it’s coming soon. But Patrick already thinks he’s infallible so it’s not that big a jump for us.

Oh yes. And thanks to all you little people. You know who you are.