Former Wonder Woman Lynda Carter is questioning why Glenn Beck makes as much money as he does. On the Joy Behar show, Carter asked: “How do you defend – how do you justify paying him big salaries and I don’t get it. I really don’t.”

Well firstly, “paying him big salaries?” Plural? What is she channeling Yakov Smirnoff here? Is English…how you say…second language mebbe?

And let’s be clear here. Lynda Carter is rich and famous because she looked great in a red white and blue bathing suit that was two sizes too small for her. That’s it. She was beautiful. No doubt. But I find it a little difficult when a woman who made millions because she’s willing to run around in a tiny bathing suit on national television criticizes the “salaries” of a television host who people tune in to because they’re worried about the future of the country and the only person on television who seems as worried as they are is Glenn Beck.

So in short Lynda Carter paid many monies to squeeze into super suit. Good. Beck paid many many moneys to speak is bad. OK. Got it?

You know, if this keeps up I’m going to start thinking that celebrities who are rich and famous solely because they’re good looking often say silly things.

HT Newsbusters