I am a big fan of pro-life Democrats like Bart Stupak. The guts of that guy standing up to the President, Nancy Pelosi, and the majority of the entire Democratic Party along with about 35 others was inspiring and heartening to see.

Today, you’d think, would be a good day to be a Democrat for Life. But then there’s this comment from Kristen Day Executive Director of Democrats for Life who said something that just struck me as odd.

Democrats For Life of America applauds Speaker Nancy Pelosi for agreeing to clear the way for the passage of this historic legislation. But we would be remiss if we didn’t thank Congressmen Bart Stupak, Brad Ellsworth and other Members for their heroic efforts to fight for the amendment that removed tax payer funded abortions from the final bill.

Democrats proved today that we are a big tent party that can put our differences aside to help the American people. Republicans can’t make that claim.

Uhm. Kristen Day of Democrats for Life is mocking the Republican Party for being unwavering and “small tent?” What kind of sense does that make? Does she want Republicans to become more “big tent” on abortion?

Day is saying here that she’s proud that the Democrats have a big tent that allows almost all of its members to be unwaveringly pro-choice.

And let’s see how “big tent” the Democrats are in the Senate? Pro-life Dems like Bob Casey and Ben Nelson haven’t offered up any amendments to stop abortion in the Senate version of healthcare? Casey, who puts the Democrat in Democrats for Life, even meekly said he didn’t want to “draw a line in the sand” over abortion in the healthcare plan.

And let’s see if the Stupak Amendment even survives the reconciliation process. I pray that it does but I have grave doubts. I have a feeling this “big tent” the Democrats are crowing about is a collapsible one.