With liberals, it’s always personal. And for Juan Williams, who appeared on Fox News Sunday, the issue of Sarah Palin seems very personal. Juan, who is often quite reasonable for a liberal, freaks out at the mere mention of Sarah Palin’s name. We’re talking like vampires and crucifix kind of freak out here.

Both Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney both spoke respectfully of Sarah Palin. And that proved too much for poor Juan. He lashed out and accused Bill Kristol of being “in love with her.”

What is this, the second grade? I’m surprised he didn’t spell out k-i-s-s-i-n-g. But this goes to show how obsessed liberals are with Sarah’s looks. (See the Newsweek cover) They insist that anyone who likes her or respects her just simply has the hots for her. Remember Kathleen Parker essentially accused Palin of using her feminine wiles on poor old John McCain in order to get the Veep nod like Anna Nicole Smith manipulated that creepy old billionaire.

Juan Williams attempts to elevate the debate by saying “Let’s look at the record” and then proceeds to accuse Sarah of being “self centered” and a bad mother.

I’ll give him credit though because Juan was able to scream about actual political stuff for about ten seconds seconds before getting personal against Sarah which is a record for liberals. At first, he criticized Palin for “hijacking the nomination” in NY-23 and her “death panel” remarks because we all know that government panels that decide who should or shouldn’t get treatment should never be called “death panels”. But that’s political stuff. It’s fair game.

But then poor Juan can’t help himself and he does what all Sarah-haters do. They go personal. He screams about Sarah: “This is someone who is centered on herself… she apparently doesn’t even know whats going on with her family…”

What?! Funny. I don’t remember Juan fretting that Al Gore’s children weren’t always walking the straight and narrow. Or Joe Biden’s?

But this is liberals’ way of alluding to Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, which they love to do because they think it disqualifies her in the minds of religious conservatives. What liberals don’t understand is that most conservatives are just happy the Palins’ didn’t subscribe to the “I don’t want my daughter punished with a baby” mentality.

But Liz Cheney actually had exactly the right question for Juan. After listening to his personal attacks against Sarah, she smilingly mocked him, asking, “You know her well?”

I don’t know if Juan knows Sarah well, but this kind of rhetoric helps me to know Juan a little better. So much the worse.

Video is below: