Warning!: Pro-lifers cannibalizing each other ahead.

Is Sarah Palin pro-life? Not if you ask the American Right to Life which is promoting their site with pro-life profiles of some heavy hitting pro-life leaders. These guys don’t cut anyone much slack. Even Fr. Frank Pavone doesn’t get their highest rating. Sarah Palin and George W. Bush fare terribly and I’m not sure that’s completely fair.

But I thought I’d throw it out there even if some of their standards seem a little wacky to me including an endorsement of creationism as a benchmark of pro-life-ness. There are some, to me, legitimate criticisms of Palin in there as well.

Here’s some of it:

•As a Candidate Whom Many Pro-lifers Would Like to Support: her actual abortion record and rhetoric is shocking to the conscience in that Sarah Palin:

– appointed in 2009 a Planned Parenthood board member to the Alaska Supreme Court

– argues that chemical abortifacients that kill the youngest children should be legal

– distinguishes between her “personal” and public pro-life views (personally pro-life means officially pro-choice)

– indicates support for public funding to kill some unborn children

– whitewashes other candidates misleading millions to believe that pro-choice politicians are pro-life

– allows her name to be used in ads promoting grisly government-funded embryonic stem cell “research”

– undermines the God-given right to life by promoting evolution while officially opposing creation

– harms personhood by claiming that “equal protection” should not apply to unborn children

– has never announced support for any state’s personhood amendment nor the Federal Human Personhood Amendment

– opposes personhood by claiming that the majority can decide to legalize the killing of children.

In her vice-presidential acceptance speech Sarah said, “there is a time for politics and a time for leadership.” During the above, which time was it for her? Sources below document Sarah Palin’s record and political rhetoric.

•Thinks the Morning After Pill should be Legal: Palin says that personally she would not take the Morning After Pill (an abortifacient chemical that kills the tiniest children) but that it should not be illegal. “I don’t think that it should necessarily be illegal.” This demonstrates the ARTL adage that “To be personally pro-life means to be officially pro-choice.”

As far as nominating a pro-choicer to Alaska’s highest court, Palin kind of had her hands tied on that one. And while I do believe she probably could’ve made a bigger stink over it, the Democratic legislature only offered her a couple of bad choices.

As for the personhood amendment I know many pro-lifers who don’t agree that now is the time to push that agenda. That doesn’t make them less pro-life.

So even though I’ll admit that what was written about Palin’s stance on the morning after pill is troubling and I’ll look into it more, this seems like a pretty rough and at times unfair evaluation of Palin’s pro-life credibility.

In the end, this kind of thing isn’t really all that helpful in my opinion other than to gain awareness for your organization. All in all, I came out of this wondering more about the American Right to Life than I did about Sarah Palin.