This is seriously the stupidest conversation to take place anywhere on television including the Brady Bunch, cable access shows, Charles Barkley on TNT, The Newlywed Game, Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman, Madonna on Letterman, Sharon Stone anywhere, or any episode of Gilligan’s Island. All of that dumbness combined pales in comparison to the shallowness and outright stupidity of this clip from The View.

I know in my heart that someday far in the future when aliens land on a barren earth they’ll dig up some artifacts of humanity and they’ll reach into a cave, their tentacles will just barely miss a copy of Tolstoy’s complete works and they’ll latch on to a DVD of this clip. And they’ll think we are all this stupid.

I mean, seriously. For Joy Behar to think that “Black Friday” is some kind of racist slur and Whoopi saying she was going to go shopping but couldn’t find her underwear drawer. These people should be institutionalized not lionized.

So check it out. It’s a short clip but it’s completely jammed with stupidity, uninterrupted by any intelligence whatsoever.