Experts have noticed the problem. There’s a shortage of people willing to step up and do the job. And because of that, the limited number of those who have joined are stretched thinner and have to work harder. Experts have noticed that their average age is climbing rapidly. And they’ve noticed that many of our best and brightest young people aren’t interested in joining.

While I could be talking about priests, actually liberals are worried about the graying of abortionists. Poor things.

All I can think is that if only they let abortionists marry, none of this would happen.

Amanda Marcotte writes that pro-aborts must:

Address the shortage of abortion providers. We all know the drill: the average age of an abortion provider in this country is soaring upwards, and many doctors who deserve to retire and spend their days playing golf stay in the business because there’s so many women who need abortions and so few people to provide them. Few counties have abortion providers, and many women have to travel hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to get one. And it’s because younger doctors don’t want to perform abortions. They don’t have any memories of the horrors of septic abortions (unlike many older doctors), and the harassment they face if they join up seems like too much trouble.

The problem is complex, but not unfixable. We should lobby for stronger protections for abortion clinic workers, so that fear doesn’t drive would-be providers away. More importantly, we need to find a way to get people with the right attitudes and the right skills into the business. Programs encouraging bright, young pro-choice people into medical school to train as ob-gyns who perform abortions is a good start. Pushing medical schools not only to teach the procedures for abortion, but also to highlight the dangers of self-abortion would also help. Perhaps a scholarship program for medical students who train to be abortion providers, or a debt forgiveness program for those doctors that provide abortion? There are endless possibilities, and we should undertake them.

Can you imagine that there are people out there who believe there aren’t enough abortions taking place? Yeah, that’s the problem in America.

To me, it says something positive about America that the number of abortionists is dwindling. I think it has something to do with technological advancements that allow us all to see what’s inside the womb. The ol’ “blob of tissue” argument doesn’t really work anymore.

But if this graying of abortionists continues watch for some government intervention to entice young doctors into becoming abortionists. Because what good is federal funding of abortion without abortionists?

And we must always remember. Babies are the enemy.