Adolf Hitler’s given us some good memories these past few years on YouTube. Admit it, Hitler’s brought more smiles to people’s faces in the past three years then when he was alive -even counting his brief stint as a mime in the years between house painting and mass killer.

And we should all appreciate the laughs we’ve gotten. From the moment three years ago when Hitler, hiding away in his little bunker, responded poorly to the Cowboy’s loss to the Giants in the playoffs he earned a special place in our hearts and the blogosphere. We’ve had some good times since then, Hitler and us. Hitler’s reacted to everything from Scott Brown’s win last night to Sarah Palin’s resignation, Christian Renaldo going to Real Madrid, and Adam Sandler comedies. (Mind you, some pretty graphic language in there.)

And it’s been fun. Hitler has become the voice of a generation of sarcastic unemployed dateless computer geeks with IMovie programs. But can’t we all agree that Hitler’s coming very close to jumping the shark. Let’s face it the real Hitler jumped the shark sometime after he gave up painting and thought killing Jews sounded like fun.

But now this little Hitler revival we’ve had? Hey, Adolf, it’s been good. It’s been fun. It’s not that you’re not fun anymore. I just want to remember the Hitler videos with a smile. I don’t want to roll my eyes everytime I see that little mustache. I simply don’t want you to overstay your welcome. Let’s face it, I’m asking Hitler to go out like Seinfeld. Go out on top. Don’t be like Leno who just keeps coming back even after we’ve made it clear he’s unwanted.

Let’s put a moratorium on the Hitler videos. Let’s all agree that no matter what pop culture incident occurs we won’t allow Hitler to respond. Let’s just keep Hitler on the sidelines for a while. And Hitler? When you go to wherever old YouTube jokes go to die, say hello to Rick Astley for us.