Oh please forgive us for our giddiness.

There have been some friends out there who make quite a show of pointing out to pro-lifers who might occasionally commit the sin of voting Republican that Sen. Scott Brown is pro-choice. Duh.

How can you be so giddy about the election of a pro-choicer? This proves that you are Republican first and pro-life second. How silly.

As a dedicated pro-lifer who sometimes votes Republican let me say a few things. Yes, I was giddy over the election of Scott Brown. You know why? Because his election probably derailed the institutionalization of taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand for generations to come. That seems like a pretty good reason to celebrate.

If you are pro-life, I do not see how you could be not happy about the result of that election. Oh sure, we all know that Brown is pro-choice. We are also aware of the lip service paid to life by many Republicans, but that didn’t matter on January 19th. All that mattered on the 19th is that federally funded abortion-on-demand was at least stalled and that is something to celebrate. Anyone who is unhappy about that result is most likely putting their own politics first.

Another thing, the reason that this horrific legislation was killed by a pro-choicer is because that pro-choicer caucuses with the Republicans. This is why party matters. The faults of the Republican party are myriad and manifest. No doubt. But they are the party that gives the best chance to life and this legislative battle gives proof of it. Sure, it was a coalition of life advocates and fiscal conservatives that sealed the deal, but it sealed the deal. That is what matters.

It is very easy to be impressed with our own cleverness to the point of outwitting ourselves. There are choices to be made, choices with real consequences. It is not, as some would have it, a choice between a stupid evil party and an evil stupid party, as clever as that equivalency may sound. It is a choice between the party of death and the dysfunctional and often cowardly party of life.

But given that choice I will vote for the dysfunctional and often cowardly party of life every time. Even if I have to hold my nose to do it. I will make the best choices when I can, and the least bad choices the other times.

As for my giddiness, it remains. For if I were not happy for this result, not matter how it came to be, I would risk the sin of ingratitude. I am grateful.

For those not so inclined, go rain on someone else’s parade.