A right wing pro-life extremist in Canada attacked a federal official who oversees abortion clinics by smashing a pie in her face during a televised speech. One pro-life leader dismissed the attack saying: “A little tofu pie on her face is hardly comparable to the blood on Ms. Shea’s hands.”

As you can imagine, the world is outraged and seeking to expand rules on how pro-lifers are allowed to protest.

Oh wait. That’s not what happened at all. It was actually a left wing PETA nutjob type protesting the death of baby seals who blasted federal fisheries minister Gail Shea with a tofu pie. So…never mind. Nothing to see here. Don’t worry about it. My mistake. Go about your business. Everything’s fine.

Seriously, could you imagine the outrage if a pro-lifer had done this? But when some animal rights nut attacks a government official it’s no big deal? I’m guessing PETA which has funded terrorist organizations like Earth Liberation Front won’t have to face down RICO statutes for protesting. That’s only for those trying to protect human life.

HT Secondhand Smoke