There is quite the tiff going on between William Donohue of the Catholic League and the denizens of dissent at the National Catholic Reporter.

It seems that other NCR does not like Bill very much. The published a piece by Joe Feuerherd entitled “Billy the bully is bad for the church.” If you think that title seems harsh, you should read Donohue’s response.

I am not here to wade into the he said/she said of this particular debate. Rather, I merely want to note a few facts and then make a humble suggestion.

First, whether you love or loathe Bill Donohue, you have to admit that this guy has fun doing his job. For a guy that does outrage for a living, he is having a blast. He is out there throwing punches and occasionally taking them too, but he always seems to be happy about it. Wouldn’t you want a job that made you smile like that…Continue reading at the National Catholic Register>>>