Seeing the country becoming increasingly pro-life is proving distressing for many pro-choicers. Not distressing enough, mind you, to reassess their position on the humanity of the unborn but enough to consider changing tactics.

Los Angeles Times columnist Nancy Cohen hit the pro-choice panic button in a piece yesterday by suggesting that the cultural shift is the result of word wars. She frets that the term “pro-life” has gained the upper hand in the nomenclature war over “pro-choice” in the American mind.

On a side note, this perceived upper hand is a testament to the ascent of new media and the irrepressible pro-life movement that the term “pro-life” is known at all in that it has suffered from all but a complete media blackout. In fact, the only time the media uses the term is when someone in the pro-life movement does something not very pro-life and the media scoffs by introducing them as “supposedly pro-life…”

But Cohen’s suggestion is most remarkable for being one of the worst and most crass examples of rhetorical gamesmanship since “Freedom fries.”

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