Pope Benedict XVI is going to go to England, see the side of a bus and change the entire church because you know the best advice in life always comes from the side of a bus. That’s what some womyn’s group is hoping will happen when the Pope goes to England.


One group of women, Catholic Women’s Ordination (CWO), will have its message plastered on the side of the buses as they travel along key routes, including past Westminster Hall, at the Palace of Westminster, where the pope is set to deliver a speech to Britain’s civic society on September 17.

The group has paid 15,000 pounds ($23,130) for 15 buses to carry the message “Pope Benedict – Ordain Women Now!” for a month.

“We do not want to be disruptive, but I think the church has got to change or it will not survive,” CWO spokeswoman Pat Brown told Reuters.

So they have the best interests of the Church at heart, right? Not their own interest?

These liberal groups keep thinking that the Church is like the government that if they keep pushing and yelling they’ll eventually get their way. They think they just have to wait -kinda’ like waiting for a bus that was scheduled to come in the 1960’s but they’re going to keep on waiting.

My advice – Keep waiting for that bus. It might be a while. Settle in. Grab a book. Why not make it the Catholic Catechism?