Rick Klein, one of ABC’s top news guys, wrote something on Twitter that many are pointing to as evidence of media bias. Here’s the background- Christine O’Donnell is a pro-life conservative running against pro-choice Mike Castle in Delaware. It’s a pretty contentious race. But Klein wrote this about the race. I’ll let you be the judge:

“God bless aides at DE GOP whose job it is to try to kill off Christine O’Donnell’s candidacy.”

Uh-oh. Well, as you can imagine that tweet traveled around the interwebs pretty quick. Klein quickly went into damage control, tweeting more than Aston Kutcher.

“I wasn’t actually asking God to bless them. it’s a figure of speech, as in, you gotta shake your head… “

“to clarify: when I Tweeted “God bless the GOP aides…” I meant it in a “how about that?” sort of way. not calling on God to bless or not.”

“not partisan at all. just commenting on oddity of state GOP trying to take down candidate in GOP primary”

I find it a little hard to believe that the top newsmen of ABC was so struck by the “oddity” of political opponents battling it out. Dude, it’s called a primary. What’s so odd about party infighting? It seems to me that’s what they do more than anything else.

So I have a hard time believing Klein’s clarification but who knows. But God bless him anyway. By that, I mean isn’t it odd for a newsman to seemingly pick sides in a political race against the conservative candidate? (Not really.)