I’m tired of the so called “war on Christmas.” Honestly. I don’t even like hearing about it. It’s Thanksgiving and I’m already tired of hearing about it. The whole thing at times just seems so silly to me. But here’s the thing -the part that seems silly to me is that all these retailers want Christmas shoppers business but they don’t want to say “Christmas” or mention the birth of Jesus at all. And when I think about that I get my dander up. Just a little.

I can’t imagine there’s too many people out there who get offended by the word “Christmas” in stores so what’s the problem? But some stores have taken to calling everything “holiday” or some other generic and supposedly unoffensive word. But you know what -when I see “holiday” I notice it.

And I notice when the American Family Association comes out with its list of retailers who recognize Christmas because I’d like to shop at stores that aren’t sooooo politically correct that they are afraid to mention Christmas.

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