Patrick and I almost never link to or so this post may seem a little weird coming from us. The reason we almost never link to them is because when we first started this blog about four years ago we noticed that pretty much everyone in the Catholic and pro-life blogosphere linked to them. And we wanted to be…different. So we don’t often link to them but I can tell you that they’re excellent.

Let me tell you, I (sometimes) work hard at blogging. (Pat less than me but I’m sure sometimes he gives his best effort with his limited capabilities) And I work hard to find original content that’s not everywhere in the blogosphere already. Or if the story’s out there I at least want to have a different take on it than is already out there. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don’t but I try. But I can tell you as well as are amazing with how quickly they are able to find stories from all around the world and file stories with tons of facts and information. The two of them are amazing resources for the pro-life community.

I can’t tell you how many times I’m researching a story and when I’m almost done and sitting there stuffing my face full of yodels all proud of myself I see that LifeSite or LifeNews just filed a story on the same thing. Now, I have an advantage in that I can get all snarky while they play it straight but still…it’s really annoying.

But anyway, LifeSiteNews is in big financial trouble. A lot of places are because of the economy, I know. If you can help them out this Christmas season with even a small donation, I’m sure it would help a lot.

I don’t know if and hate each other or if they bbq together on weekends but the blogosphere is better for having the both of them. writes:

Dear LifeSiteNews supporters,

It is difficult for me to have to write this letter. But it is also necessary, for the truth is that we are in a tough financial situation and we need your help.

Over the last thirteen years, I have very rarely written a letter like this. I have always been determined to save the emergency appeals for when there really is an emergency. Well, right now we are in such a situation.

When we launched this Christmas campaign on December 1, we had nothing left in our Canadian branch bank account and just enough funds for two weeks in our Front Royal, Virginia office account.

So if you could check out the website here and donate that would be a great help. The pro-life community, in my humble opinion needs them. donation page is here.