The Crescat has been chosen to go to Rome for the big blog meeting. She needs a little help getting there so if you can help her out please check her out.

Hide your Swiss Guards, hide Gorgeous George…I’m going to Rome!

I woke up this morning and my email, facebook and twitter account was on fire. What’s this… I was chosen as one of the 150 bloggers to attend the Vatican Blognic! Never in a million years did I actually dare to presume I would be chosen. I can only guess it is due the readers who contacted them and suggested I attend. For those emails I am humbly grateful.

Now begins the work. The event is May 1st, in two weeks. That’s a lot of planning in a very short amount of time. The biggest obstacle is the financing. Believe me, I dislike doing it, but I am going to resurrect the paypal donation button. If you can make a small donation, even a buck or two, I would be supremely grateful.

Check out The Crescat and help her out.