Madness. Pure madness. Some churches will do anything for press and media coverage. Methinks this one went a teeeeeeeny bit far. Just a bit.

Jesus died on the cross for you and you slowed down to honk your horn for Jesus. Fair trade, right?

MSNBC reports:

An Old Hickory church is offering a drive-thru Good Friday service until midnight.

North Point Community Church is set up inside a former bank building on Donelson Avenue. From midnight Thursday to midnight Friday, people can drive up to the building to drop a burden or sin at the first window. Then they can pull up to the second window and receive a blessing.

Church members said they hope this will be a bright spot in someone’s busy day. “We want people to know we care because we know Jesus,” said church member Lee Fesler.

They want this to be a “bright spot?” It’ll be a blur. It’s a freaking drive thru.

The dumbing down of Christianity. That’s what it is. At some point you make things so “convenient” that it ceases to be worship or prayer.

I wonder if you order the supersize Jesus you get a toy.