A story is coming out of a New Zealand paper today that schools are procuring abortions for students. The thing is, it goes on here and everywhere.

This is what you get from big government schools. You get school “counselors” making life and death decisions about children, without parental consent. I met a teacher a few years ago who said that it was necessary to not tell parents about abortion because parents were soooo crazy and unreasonable about all things s-e-x. And kids often say things like, “My parents will kill me” or “I’m so dead if the find out.” It occurred to me that some teachers and counselors are looking for an excuse to provide an abortion and will use statements like that to help procure an abortion.

Schools are helping teenage girls keep abortions secret from their parents. Imogen Neale reports.

A MOTHER is angry her 16-year-old daughter had a secret abortion arranged by a school counsellor.

Helen, not her real name, found out about the termination four days after it had happened. “I was horrified. Horrified that she’d had to go through that on her own, and horrified her friends and counsellors had felt that she shouldn’t talk to us,” she said.

She had suspected something was wrong, but her daughter insisted her tears were over everyday teenage dramas.

But Helen confronted her daughter’s friends, who said the counsellor had taken the girl for a scan and to doctors. “I didn’t know that they could do that.”

Helen said teachers could discuss how a student was doing in school or phone parents when their child misbehaved, but would then keep life-changing situations such as abortions secret.

Let’s remember, kids need to be protected from parents by that omniscience of Big Government schools.