If you’re a reader of this blog you’ve seen a few stories about videos about the abortion clinic in Rockford, Illinois which is a pretty sick place.

For the past few months, every time the ultrasound truck attempts to park outside the clinic, the abortuary’s landlord runs his old cars out into the street to fill the spot. Think about how sick it is to go to such lengths to prevent women from seeing the baby in their womb.

On Wednesday, a number of priests arrived at the clinic to pray. The landlord was so disturbed by the presence of the priests that he spent his time creating and hanging anti-Catholic signs from the window. So consumed he was with hatred for the priests that he missed that a spot had opened up directly across the street from the clinic.

And because of that, a life was saved. A woman who was entering the clinic chose to go into the ultrasound truck instead.

Think about that, the hatred of a priest may have saved a life. Here’s some pretty cool video of the event.

HT Pro-Life Corner.