A group of British doctors announced that terminal cancer patients should not be given “life extending” drugs. I’m sure you know why without me even having to say it but it’s, of course, about the Benjamins. They say The NHS spends well over £5 billion annually on cancer treatments and that’s just too much for people who are going to die anyway. Never mind, I guess, all those people who receive a prognosis that they’ll be dead in a month and then go on living for many more years.

My brother was terminal and went on to live many more years where he got to love his family and raise his children. These jerks would’ve robbed him of that so they could save the state some money.

The Daily Mail reports:

Patients with terminal cancer should not be given life-extending drugs, doctors said yesterday.

The treatments give false hope and are too costly for the public purse, they warned.

The group of 37 cancer experts, including British specialist Karol Sikora, claimed a ‘culture of excess’ had led doctors to ‘overtreat, overdiagnose and overpromise’.

Let’s be clear. This has nothing to do with giving “false hope” and has everything to do with “the public purse.”

You know, the left is always saying that religious people reject science. But shouldn’t accepting the limitations of science (and scientists) be part of that equation? Isn’t it true that doctors don’t always know what’s going to happen to a patient? Years ago, we were told my father wouldn’t last the night. Yeah, he had five more years too. And they were some of his healthiest years too.

And one final question – aren’t we all terminal? I mean, eventually?

Here’s the thing, when questions of life or death come down to money like this one clearly does, eventually the talk will go from talking about terminal patients to “useful” patients or those who might or might not have “productive” years left to pay more taxes.

If someone is deemed “useful” then they might get some drugs, if not…hey, that’s what assisted suicide is for.