The horrors of the one child policy were made plain yesterday when Reggie Littlejohn, President of the Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, testified on Capitol Hill on the one-child policy that Vice President Joe Biden loves so much.

Her testimony comes on the heels of a groundbreaking new report containing thirteen new, documented cases of coerced and forced abortions (including one woman at eight months and another carrying twins at 8 ½ months), forced sterilization, forced contraception, the demolition of homes, and even torture.

The report is daring in that it names names and contains horrific accounts of
a couple brutally tortured for missing a pregnancy check by one day; a man whose head
was smashed open and who is now permanently disabled because his wife had a second
child; a father who was beaten to death because his son was suspected of having a second child.

“We have chosen to release the names of the perpetrators of these Crimes Against
Humanity, so that they can be held accountable before the world. This report contains
dozens of their names, as well as details of their crimes,” said Littlejohn.

Littlejohn testified,

Last year, crematorium workers in Guangdong Province found an infant crying in a “medical waste” receptacle on its way to being cremated, reported Xinhua, China’s official news agency. The crematorium workers immediately sent the infant back to the hospital. Later that day, the hospital sent the infant back to the crematorium, dead. The hospital offered no explanation of the cause of death.iii

You can read the entire report at Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.

This is what happens inevitably when society no longer holds a radical respect for the individual.