Um. I think this case calls for a little more investigating. This may qualify as worst cops…evah.

News On 6 reports:

An autopsy reveals a strange but true case of a man dead after shooting himself four times in the head.

Police say Terrence Moses kidnapped his ex-wife last Wednesday, then got into an eight-hour standoff with Tulsa police.

The Special Operations Team rescued the woman, but then say they found Moses dead.

Police realize how unbelievable it sounds that a man could shoot himself four times in the head, but they say the crime scene evidence proves that’s exactly what happened.

Police say Terrance Moses got into an argument with his ex-wife last Wednesday, and she later told her family he was holding her at gunpoint.

Officers found them at 2 a.m. on Thursday in his condo at the Brandy Chase Condominiums near 67th and Peoria.

After hours of negotiations, SOT members made entry. They heard a woman screaming and gunshots, then saw her coming down the stairs and rescued her.

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The police department says no officers returned fire because they couldn’t see who was shooting a floor above them.

“I can’t think of anything worse than when a suspect is above them in an enclosed area,” said Tulsa Police Sergeant Dave Walker.

Police sent in a robot around 10:30 a.m. and cameras showed Moses was dead. He had one shot to the chest and four to the head.

Police say the ex-wife might’ve been trying to wrestle the gun away from Moses when he accidentally shot himself in the chest. As for the next four shots, they say he did those on his own.

Somehow after the third shot his aim got better? Seriously?

I hope these are the same cops investigating me when I get rid of my co-blogger Patrick using the ol’ ‘he jumped into my conveniently placed meat grinder’ excuse.