Faith Under Fire: Dramatic Stories of Christian Courage celebrates the lives of eighteen Christian men, women, and children who chose to do what they knew to be right, even if the rest of the world hated them for it. Read the fascinating behind-the-scenes true stories of Christians who made the headlines, including: Mother Antonia Brenner, Heather Mercer, Fr. Mychal Judge, Jill Stanek, Sister Laura Mainetti, Jack Phillips, Joe Kennedy, and George Isajiw.

These behind-the-scenes stories of Christians who made courageous decisions in a moment of crisis, reveal the courage and inner strength of these individuals who chose life in Christ, even when it meant public ridicule, rejection, or death.

This book is about decisions and consequences and the emotional journey in between, and delivers a beautiful and much-needed message of hope. Each story concludes with questions that may be used for group discussion or personal reflection.

What Others Are Saying :

“Superb. In a world that can seem increasingly hopeless, Faith under Fire is a bright beacon of hope. In this brief but absorbing book, Matt Archbold has compiled stories that will leave any reader uplifted, inspired, consoled, and enriched. These are stories of our time that will remain timeless—and I know I’ll be turning to them again and again for my preaching as great examples of faith and hope. Thank you, Matt, for reminding us that faith under fire can be forged into something beautiful.” —Deacon Greg Kandra, award-winning journalist and multimedia editor of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association

“Despair is one of the devil’s greatest weapons. If Satan can’t make us abandon belief in God logically, he can worm his way into our psyches by showing us as much darkness as possible. Matt Archbold has put together a refreshing set of stories that remind us of the words of John’s Gospel: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” —Matt Swaim, communications director of the Coming Home Network and author, Prayer in the Digital Age and Your College Faith: Own It!

“In an age of people running for safe spaces, trembling at the news, and jumping at their own shadows, Matt Archbold has given us a wonderful gift with this splendid collection of stories of Christian courage. They remind us that in every age, people have been afraid, but in every age, God has poured out the boldness of Christ into the hearts of his saints by the power of the Holy Spirit too. Read this book and be encouraged to follow Christ with moxie.” —Mark P. Shea, author, By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition

“Matt Archbold’s book Faith under Fire highlights the urgent need for a national conversation about—and defense of—religious liberty, the bedrock of our nation. Archbold powerfully explains the ongoing instances where Christians are facing persecution for living out their religious convictions—an all-too-common reality in recent years. For me, the most powerful stories in this book recognize the sacredness and dignity of every human life, both inside the womb and out.” —Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the Susan B. Anthony List

“You won’t hear about the heroes profiled in this book on the evening news. Those held up as ‘heroes’ or examples of ‘courage’ in today’s world are often at odds with our Christian faith. But it takes real courage to stand strong in the face of injustice, violence, and the unknown. In this inspiring book, Matt Archbold tells the moving stories of Christians who held onto their faith, even under the most trying of circumstances. A gifted reporter and storyteller, Archbold makes these true stories come to life. Check it out—Faith under Fire will light a fire in your faith!” —Danielle Bean, author, publisher of Catholic Digest magazine

“In a world of growing religious apathy and anti-religious antipathy, both secular and governmental, these stirring stories of faith and love in action, even at the risk of life and liberty, may inspire a generation that may be asked for even more.” —Patrick Archbold, co-creator of the Creative Minority Report

“Faith under Fire includes powerful stories about Jill Stanek, Dr. George Isajiw, Catherine Adair, and Jessica Chominski. Each of these individuals made great personal sacrifices to defend unborn children. These stories will doubtless inspire not only Christians, but people of all faith traditions to defend the sanctity of all human life.” —Michael New, visiting associate professor, department of economics, Ave Maria University

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