Sophocles’ “Antigone” was written well over 2,400 years ago about a young woman who buries the body of her brother, against the king’s wishes. It is a timeless tale about a heroine who believes following the gods’ law is more important than following man’s law. Somehow, Facebook has decided that my modern re-telling about a young woman who attempts to honor her unborn brother is not fit to be advertised on Facebook.

The book has received 5 star reviews and has been commended for treating both sides fairly. But that’s not enough for Facebook. 

This is nothing short of silencing pro-lifers. They want to silence my voice. They want to silence you.

They have told us time and again that this city or that city will not welcome pro-lifers. Politicians talk about changing Christian teaching in order to fit in with progressive policies. We’re told that Amy Coney Barrett is “biased” and unfit for the high court because she believes that life is sacred. 

You see, the default position is death. Anything else is “bias.” Anything else must be kept out of the public sphere.

There’s a movie coming out on DVD called “Un-Pregnant” about an underage girl traveling across the country to kill her unborn child. I’ve seen ads for that in many places including Facebook. No Big Tech censorship for that one.

The belief that life is sacred is one of the cornerstones of our faith. All life is sacred. Humans are to be loved, not discarded. Human beings are not obstacles to happiness, they are a path to God’s face.

I wrote “American Antigone” because I saw the city of Philadelphia twist its own procedures in order to not hand over the remains of the abortionist/murderer Kermit Gosnell to pro-life Christians like Fr. Frank Pavone. Why? Because the city didn’t want the unborn to be humanized. Instead, they cremated them and buried them without telling anyone.

I realized then that much of this battle we are facing exists in the perception of one another. Either we view each other as sacred or priceless, or the rest of the conversation is just haggling over one another’s worth.

Pro-lifers see God in one another. Pro-choicers see merely another, who may be a help or a hindrance to them. But that is the limit of it. Your worth is established by how much you impact me. That is not what Christ taught us. We are called to love, even our enemies.

But our pro-life views have no place in Big Tech universe. They believe our point of view is “biased.” We need to be fixed. And until we are, we need to be silenced.

Please consider purchasing “American Antigone” and please post a review on both Amazon and Facebook. Thank you. I think you’ll enjoy it. And Facebook doesn’t want you to.