Dear ABC,

I see you have discovered the term “pro-life” which you mentioned in this piece entitled “Are Democrats Now Pro-Life?”

After all these years while folks who oppose abortion have been calling themselves “pro-life,” the media including, I believe, your organization consistently dubbed us as “anti-abortionists.” But in the aforementioned piece published yesterday you mentioned the term “pro-life” five times in just one article. This would be a stunning and pleasing turnaround for ABC News but I must admit that I’m puzzled. So why the change? I hope that it’s not just because the article is discussing abortion and Democrats.

Are Democrats Now Pro-Life?
As Convention Draws Near, New Talk of a Pro-Life Presence

The Democratic Party is engaged in a political high-wire act — trying to bring in pro-life supporters without offending its pro-choice base.

Now, my confusion was increased because after a quick search of your site, it seems that just two days ago ABC News ran an article concerning abortion which included this graph:

A Hong Kong lawmaker said immigration officials deported three U.S.-based Chinese democracy activists after denying them entry to the territory, which is the site of Olympic equestrian events. A second protest by three Americans in Tiananmen Square, including anti-abortion activist the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, was stopped by security agents who led them away.

And I saw this on August 5th:

In suburban Kansas City, anti-abortion prosecutor Phill Kline lost a primary challenge in his bid for a full, four-year term as district attorney of the state’s most populous county.

On July 4th, ABC featured an article which featured the term pro-life but only as a quote from Karl Rove.

Rove argued that Obama’s attempts to reach out to the “values and pro-life leaders.”

So I am asking your organization as an allegedly impartial news organization to clarify when do you choose to use the terms “pro-life” as opposed to “anti-abortion.”

I’m sure it can’t be just when you’re referring to Democrats, can it? Please let me know.

Matt Archbold
Creative Minority Report (a pro-life blog)