10) Pictures of families are posted in widescreen so that Mary, Therese, James, Peter, Matthew, Bridget, Mark, Luke, and John Paul all fit in while holding the baby.

9) There’s a quote from GK Chesterton on either the sidebar or the header.

8) The word “heterodox” is used. A lot.

7) There’s someone in the combox scolding the blogger for not being Catholic enough.

6) “Feast days” are not as fun as they sound.

5) You find at least three posts screaming about Doug Kmiec.

4) The title of the blog is not “Vox Nova” (See Rule 4)

3) There’s a comment from David L. Alexander.

2) It’s the only place you’ll find flattering pictures of Popes on the internet.

1) Lovely posts written about what people from the Middle Ages who had their heads chopped off or were burned to death mean to me.

-1) NFP links!

-2) Fathers and Doctors mean something completely different.

-3) Posts Titled “Novus Ordo: Evil or Good” have 1,393 comments.