I relay this information to you with a disclaimer. I (or the blog) am not responsible for any sinning that you do from here on out in this post. There is no joy to be found in the misfortune of others. (tee-hee)

According to Boston.com, the liberal organization “Voice of the Faithful,” the Catholic group founded at the height of the sexual abuse crisis, is running out of money and warning that it may be forced to close its national office if it don’t get some mad cash quick. (hee-heee-heeeeee)

Mind you, the organization may have begun with noble motives in highlighting the sexual abuse crisis but while that issue has faded, VOTF has lurched around in search of a cause that would keep them prominent and flush with donations.

In recent months, while Catholics all over the country were shocked by Connecticut’s unconstitutional power grab on the Church in the form of Bill 1098, VOTF essentially endorsed it even though it would have forcibly removed the authority of the bishop and pastor over individual parishes and put a board of laymen in their place.

VOTF also has pushed for the Vatican to allow priests to marry and tied the celibacy issue to the sexual abuse crisis.

Their efforts ‘to shape structural change within the Catholic Church’ roiled many and I guess didn’t keep their coffers full. (hahahaha) In other words, VOTF is not just flirting with moral bankruptcy but financial as well.

But as you can imagine with these stances, VOTF became the voice of the “mainstream” Catholic in the media. It seems no reporter could write a story about Catholicism without hearing from some representative of the VOTF. It’s kinda’ like how the media can’t run a story about the GOP without having “conservatives” like David Frum or Meghan McCain badmouthing conservatives.

VOTF is now so leftwing that Fr. Richard McBrien has written kind things about them and that’s very difficult for Fr. McBrien to write anything nice about Catholics.

Boston.com reports:

He (Bill Casey, the chairman of the VOTF board )said the organization needs $60,000 to maintain the office through the summer, at which point it plans to fundraise based on a new strategic plan; if the group can’t raise the money, it will close the national office and continue as an all-volunteer network of organizational affiliates.

Now, of course, I’ve done my due diligence. But I sense some of you are giggling openly over this news. I am officially warning you that schadenfreude might very well be a sin. And if you have any inclination to give your money to VOTF please resist the urge. Or send it here to an organization which will actually use your money to make the world a better place.

I’m going to sign off now. And the big smile on my face has nothing to do with this post.(heheheheheheehh) I’m serious. Nothing at all to do with it. Hahahahah….Aaaaahhhhahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha….(ten minutes later) Oh darn it. I better go to Confession.