Newsbusters writes:

How do you tell your kids that mommy is now a daddy? Or that a daddy is now a mommy?” Leave it to ABC to raise these questions on “Good Morning America.” A July 21 segment previewed “Primetime Family Secrets” airing later that night about a transgender woman and the effects of the decision on his family.

Correspondent Juju Chang documented the Prince family for one year. In 2008 Ted Prince became “Chloe” through a sex change and his wife, Rene, stayed with him. The couple has two sons: Logan is 7 1/2 and Barry is 6. Since the family stayed together, the purpose of Chang’s report was to examine all the adjustments that had to be made.

The news is now normalizing transgendering. Hmm. I thought the next kick would be normalizing polygamy but I guess they figure they’ll go right for the extreme.

This is all just part of the redefining of term “family” to which they ascribe all the evils of middle America.

Well, I won’t be tuning in I’ve got to watch a very special episode of “Blossom” I’ve had taped for a decade and a half that I’ll finally get to tonight. That Joey Lawrence kid is da’ bomb. I think he’s going to be a huge star. But if any of you do watch this garbage let us know how it goes in the combox. I’m sure it’ll be a pleasant hour.

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