There’s a point. I don’t know when it happens but it does happen. I can best explain it like this: If someone young and vigorous falls everyone around them laughs and puts it on YouTube. But if a sick or old person falls everyone’s very concerned and tries to help.

I’m a natural mocker. I mock. That’s what I do. When people say and do ridiculous things I point and laugh. But David Brooks’ latest column in the New York Times is such a spectacular fall that I don’t even know if I should laugh. I think I’m starting to feel sorry for David Brooks.

David Brooks of the New York Times wonders what would happen if half the world were sterilized -our half of course because he’d probably be seen as anti-Muslim if he even mentioned the other possibility.

Firstly, doesn’t this guy have editors who tell him that that’s a stupid idea for a column now go and write something that wouldn’t be so appropriate for a science fiction book in the Young Adult section of the bookstore.

But to the point. In the column he writes this paragraph.

If, say, the Western Hemisphere were sterilized, there would soon be a cataclysmic spiritual crisis. Both Judaism and Christianity are promise-centered faiths. They are based on narratives that lead from Genesis through progressive revelation to a glorious culmination.

Believers’ lives have significance because they and their kind are part of this glorious unfolding. Their faith is suffused with expectation and hope. If they were to learn that they were simply a dead end, they would feel that God had forsaken them, that life was without meaning and purpose.

I want to tear it apart. I’m sure Father Z could fisk the heck out of this thing but I’m honestly not even sure what he’s saying here.

Is he saying that people without children can’t be Christian? Is he saying that Christians can’t accept bad things happening. Never mind the Jews. Jews have been through some pretty seriously awful times before without quitting the whole faith.

If you read the rest of his piece it’s not all wrong. But there doesn’t seem to be any final point. I was wondering at one point if he was making an analogy about the slow motion demographic suicide that Western Civilization is committing but he fails to come close to the point. Maybe he backed off making it because he got too scared of sounding like Mark Steyn.

So because I’m at a loss for words I open up wide the doors of CMR and ask you to mock, explain what the heck he meant, or what you think he might have wanted to say but didn’t. It’s up to you. CMR is yours. You’re in the driver’s seat. You’ve got a full tank of gas. There’s some soda in the cooler in the back seat and some chips in the glove compartment. Knock yourself out.