This shouldn’t come as a surprise I guess but a writer at the Frum Forum is arguing that being pro-life is akin to being pro-rape. Yup.

Jeb Golinkin of the Frum Forum writes:

Two candidates can win Patty Murray’s Senate seat. One is Patty Murray. The other is Republican Dino Rossi. This reality didn’t stop Sarah Palin from endorsing candidate Clint Didier. It also isn’t stopping an organization called the Washington Life Coalition from mounting an attack ad that blasts Rossi for… wait for it… favoring a rape and incest exception to a pro-life policy. The ad speaks of a child named Emily who just wants what every other little girl wants – only she is to be executed because her father has been “accused of rape.”

Washington Life Coalition seems to have discovered a new angle in the abortion debate: Pro-life, pro-rapist.


There’s always been a split in the Republican party between pro-lifers and pretty much everyone else in the Republican Party but this writer seems outraged at the prospect of pro-lifers even engaging in debate. Are pro-lifers to be considered so out of the mainstream that our voices shouldn’t even be heard unless we agree with those at the Frum Forum.

Pro-lifers have been lied to for so long that they’re finally pushing back a bit. How many Republican Presidents nominated pro-choice judges? How many pro-life Democrats stood against Obamacare? Now, pro-lifers raise their voice and they’re attacked for doing so? Pro-lifers know from experience that pro-life rhetoric often falls short of action. So any sign of weak knees around the abortion issue makes pro-lifers question now. And rightly so.

If Dino Rossi caveats the right to life with exceptions, I think many should rightly wonder what else is Dino Rossi willing to caveat. If the right to life has exceptions what firm principle can we believe he holds dear untainted by political pragmatism?

Surely, anyone can see that a pro-lifer can’t say the unborn is a human being except if the father was a rapist. Pro-lifers support life. To support and pray and fight for the right of the unborn is not pro-rape.

To argue this would be akin to arguing that those against the death penalty for murderers are pro-murderer. But those against the death penalty and those against abortion are actually just against more death.